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08 Jul

Pot Of Gold

Written by: Nicole

    On June 29th the streets were flooded with nearly over 1 million people who were thrilled...
09 Jul

The Follicle Fiddle

Written by: Nicole

  Free lance art director, Tadas Maksimovas, had been growing out his hair for 10 years before he pu...
08 Jul

America & The Artist

Written by: Maurice Malcolm Jr.

      The United States of America is a country built on the basic ideal that each and every perso...
09 Jul

Nature Of The beast

Written by: coach

  The ultimate challenge in determining value in the current industry of music has been swayed by the...
09 Jul

Social Imprisonment

Written by: coach

    Throughout the history of the world there has been corruption in the halls of justice, a practice...





      Joseph Romero, a college kid turned Hip Hop artist, is paving his way in the Hip Hop industry with his big sound. His rapper alias, JoeyBM, with the "BM" standing for "Big Music," explains it as much as his music does. While independent by nature, JoeyBM has big dreams for the big leagues. Making a name for himself by hustling his music to to...

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    They say wisdom comes with age but after hearing upcoming hip hop artist “SCHEME” you’ll realize growing up in the mean streets of Brownsville that wisdom comes from experience. Inspired by a broad array of musicians his stage presence combined with his insightful rhymes and infectious flow create a combination rarely seen. Prior to going solo fro...

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Attention All Artist: Great Oppurtunity


Sean Taylor

    At 12:25 a.m., the 11th day of October in the year of 1987, a unique, gift from God was given in voice. Who is this young man? Sean Taylor. To put in a nutshell, a proper title suit for this diamond in the rough is an ENTERTAINER. He’s a singer-song writer, trumpeter, dancer, actor, fashionist, and much more. Sean Taylor hails from the Uptown Wake...

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    Ehlee was born Chriselys De La Cruz the 25th of February, 1994. Born and raised in Harlem NY, she later moved to New Jersey for a better upbringing. Attending gifted and talented schools beginning at just the age of seven, it wasn’t hard for family to see great potential. A very shy and quiet child, a musical career was surely out of the questio...

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BBC Interview with Rick Rubin

    The all American record producer Rick Rubin finally gets his chance the spotlight. Rick is a mastermind who has produced for several important artists such as the Beastie Boys, Metallice, Jay-Z, Black Sabbath, Eminem, Run DMC, and the list goes on. Just earlier on this week BBC Radio’s Zane Lowe had the chance to speak and interview the legendar...

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BBC Interview with Rick Rubin

Tribute to Notorious B.I.G. Legacy

Steve's Column



  I cannot write anything, in good faith, until I express how totally disappointed I was by Ghost Stories. I know, I know, this should be about the album, but what good is music if it doesn’t speak to you? Now, I’m not one of those hyper-masculine “bros” that think Coldplayis “chick” music (whatever the hell that means) and that such a lab...

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South African by way of Paris, France, Mille and Mie of the Soap Girls are not your average Pop-Rock duo. As beautiful as they are talented, the sisters weave a sonic tapestry of alluring hooks, ...

Dan Barrett

            Dan Barrett is one of my musical icons, standing next to the like of Billy Corgan and Josh Homme. I was absolutely terrified to speak with him. Will he be nice? Will he be bored by m...


They're Back: Day 26

It’s official, the Day 26 boys are back. Brian, Willie, Rob, Que, and Mike have made a their come back dropping their long awaited EP The Return.  The 8 tracks on this project are the first pieces of work that the group has released together since they faded away in 2009. Back in 2007 these guys were giving us loving making music and that is what they are ...

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          Back in April Nigeria’s militant Islamist group Boko Haram over 200 young girls have been kidnapped from the Government Secondary School. Many protests calling on the Nigerian government to “bring back our girls” have been banned. The kidnapping has attracted numerous supporters in the United States and all over the world such as the US Fir...

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Aunt Wang's Syrup

        Wolf Hayley, better known as Tyler, The Creator, has never failed us when it came to his creations. Along with eating gigantic Madagascar cockroaches in the middle of his music video to sprinkled strawberry donuts on his apparel, this time The Creator has presented to us Aunt Wang’s Syrup. Doesn’t sound like something unusual if you know wha...

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King James

    Throughout the journey of the NBA star, Lebron James "Aka King James" has had ups and downs within his career, but of course that did not stop him. James took the accomplishment in bec...

Piano, Ashore!

     If every piano that was ever made could tell a story, one could expect to hear exhilarations anywhere from grand world tours with the greatest of musicians, to pathoses of collectin...

Google: "Forget Me"

    In today’s age of the “Selfie” where social media and extroversion compliment on another, the average person’s digital fingerprint is as virtually indelible as a bleach stain is ...

Donald Sterling

            The National Basketball Association is made up of seventy-six percent of African Americans. Today we face a situation wherein the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers (a...

zZzZz's & Wheels

   For many, the obligation to pay bills and maintain a livelihood are daunting necessities that greatly require the sources of time, and energy. When these two sources are exhausted, ...


  In the business of making music, there are certain rules of engagement that one should know and abide by. As such, being well-equipped enough to legally protect oneself when composin...

Laverne Cox

            Orange is the New Black star, Laverne Cox has been making history with all of her recent accomplishments. Laverne Cox is known to be the first transgendered woman of color to lea...

Once Caged, Now Free

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, on April 4th, 1928 one of the most influential women of our time was born. Maya Angelou lived a lifestyle that helped her become the strong, sophisticated, an...




And the Award Goes To...

      This year seems to be a rest one for the HBO series Game of Thrones as the show is leading the Emmys with 19 nominations. Also comes along the Netflix smash series, Orange is the New Black, as the show is eligible to be nominated within its first year. Several actresses and actors are even up for 2 acting nominees this year. Lets check out the nomine...

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Michael D. Monroe

    In an ever changing world of entertainment, it is to no surprise that social media and the internet have become such a staple in the business. The who is who’s of this world use these tools for marketing, branding, reaching more fans, etc.           With that it comes to no surprise that people like Michael Monroe exist in this world. Originall...

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Latest Situation Room Interview

Latest 8 Count Interview


Power 105 Welcomes Angie Martinez

  The American radio personality, Angie Martinez, is officially part of the Power 105 squad!             At the young age of sixteen, Angie Martinez got her first break at Hot 97 where she quickly, picked up and gained her hosting skills. Starting under the wing and direction of well-known DJ Funkmaster Flex, she has since then earned her way in...

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Hollywood’s Walk of Fame Welcomes Pharrell Williams

                    Super-producer Pharrell Williams has and continues to be a leading multi-cultural force in his own right. Not only has he contributed to the music industry with hits such as “Hollaback Gril” with Gwen Stefani, “Rock Your Body” with Justin Timberlake and most recently a self-produced entitled “Happy” that was featured in...

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A Brooklyn Story: Sugar Ray Robinson



The M.I.C Presents: Villainous New York Interview



  My name is Viking, I was Born in Farrock aways NYC Edgemere projects. I came from nothing to something. I got the name Viking from a good friend of mine everyone knows he's one of greatest rappers that ever walked; R.I.P STACK BUNDLES! After he pass, we didn't let the RIOT SQUAD die! You still got one of the hottest rappers in the game; Chinx Drugz and Byn...

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A.P.C In Brooklyn

    Williamsburgh has welcomed the French brand A.P.C to a new home. Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel has opened a temporary shop on the ground floor. The brand will be the first international brand to take over the retail rotating outpost. The French brand will remain in the hotel until September 1st. Hey who knows maybe Yeezy will pass on by for a few!...

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Lupita Nyong’o Faces Her Snake Fear!

      Lupita Nyong’o has grown to be an internationally known actor from the movie, “12 Years A Slave.” She knows just as well as anyone in the inside and outside of the entertainment industry, that you must face your fears to become successful in the business, and that is what she has done. Just forVogue Magazine the young actress perfected the sn...

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